The Leading Workflow Solution for Industrial 3D Printing

Streamline and automate your in-house workflows with one enterprise software solution.

Simplify and automate your workflows

RP Platform simplifies every stage of the additive manufacturing process, giving you the tools
you need to achieve a smooth and efficient workflow.

Complete traceability

Achieve greater efficiency

By using one platform to streamline all your project workflows

Produce consistent quotations

Produce consistent quotations

Build trust with customers by providing consistent quotations through any channel

Achieve greater efficiency

Complete traceability

Our reporting and archiving features ensure that you can track every stage of the production

Create Quotations With Ease

  • Achieve consistent and accurate quotes for customers
  • Reduce quotation times using instant quotations for additive manufacturing processes
  • Produce quotations for traditional manufacturing methods, including injection moulding, silicone tooling and vacuum casting

Organise Your Project Workflows

  • Save time and avoid errors by automating processes such as CAD file conversions and file repairs
  • Manage all customer data and communication from one platform
  • Streamline workflows by integrating your email and workflow systems

Manage Production

  • Plan and schedule every stage of the production process with our Gantt View page, which enables you to easily create, edit and remove a build
  • Monitor the build status of your projects and the volume of your builds to ensure efficiency and build optimisation
  • Keep track of your builds and parts

Manage Post Production

  • Make use of data analytics to track whether parts have been scheduled or produced
  • Identify completed parts and organise post-processing workflows, so you can keep track of what happens post production
  • Simplify quality assurance processes to ensure your completed parts meet specifications before they are delivered

Track each step

We know that traceability is important to you. That’s why RP Platform provides end-to-end visibility along the production process, giving you the tools you need to track every step along the way.

Choose Between
Cloud or On-premise Solutions

Whether you require an on-premises or cloud software solution, RP Platform offers you the flexibility to choose the option best suited to your needs.