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  • The Challenge

    Previously, CAD files would need to be manually loaded onto the School’s printing platforms via a USB sticks, with all data quality checks taking place beforehand. This was incredibly time-consuming, particularly due to the intensive nature of the manual data checking process.

    Parts on Demand engaged with RP Platform to enhance their capabilities for receiving customer requests through all channels (website, email and telephone) and translate into comprehensive, accurate quotations. While Parts on Demand had already been making use of a different platform for receiving online requests, the decision was made to explore RP Platform’s full range of capabilities.

  • The Results

    This has made the School’s additive manufacturing facilities far more accessible than they were before, allowing a greater number of projects to be accommodated, with minimal chance of printing errors occurring.

  • The Future

    During the set-up process, RP Platform was fully integrated with Parts on Demand’s own IT systems, including their ERP system. This further enhanced the automation and streamlining of the quotation/ordering process and allowed requests to be managed consistently, regardless of which channel they were received through.

Neil Van Es, Founder

“We’re very excited about the possibilities RP Platform has opened up for us. The platform’s flexibility and ease of use is just what we were looking for. Having this level of consistency and efficiency for every order will mean we can further enhance our overall quality standards and customer service.”


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