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  • The Challenge

    Previously, CAD files would need to be manually loaded onto the School’s printing platforms via a USB sticks, with all data quality checks taking place beforehand. This was incredibly time-consuming, particularly due to the intensive nature of the manual data checking process.

  • The Results

    This has made the School’s additive manufacturing facilities far more accessible than they were before, allowing a greater number of projects to be accommodated, with minimal chance of printing errors occurring.

  • The Future

    The long-term goal for this project is to digitise all additive manufacturing workflows for staff and students at the AHO, helping them to continue delivering innovative, successful projects.

Ian Jobling, Commercial Director

“Customers are developing new products faster than ever and Paragon plays a fundamental part in making this even slicker. We have listened to our customers and acted quickly to save them time. Our customers no longer need to wait for a quote and can order basic 3D prints online in just a few clicks.”


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