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Improved internal processes


Richer customer experience

  • The Challenge

    Paragon Rapid Technologies have partnered with RP Platform to offer streamlined request, order and production processes for smaller, more agile additive manufacturing projects. By offering assisted quotations and a effortless online ordering process, customers enjoy a better experience, while Paragon’s teams are able to make more effective use of their time and resources, delivering the quickest possible turnaround times.

  • The Results

    This method of taking orders online has allowed Paragon’s production and project management teams to further optimise their time and resources, delivering smaller, more straightforward 3D printing projects quickly, with no compromise in quality. The platform also provides users with the option of contacting one of Paragon’s experts directly, providing hands-on support and guidance whenever it’s needed.

  • The Future

    Plans are already in place to implement more of RP Platform’s capabilities, further enhancing Paragon’s workflows and customer experience for their full range of services.

“Customers are developing new products faster than ever and Paragon plays a fundamental part in making this even slicker. We have listened to our customers and acted quickly to save them time. Our customers no longer need to wait for a quote and can order basic 3D prints online in just a few clicks.”

Ian Jobling, Commercial Director

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