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  • The Challenge

    Previously, CAD files would need to be manually loaded onto the School’s printing platforms via a USB sticks, with all data quality checks taking place beforehand. This was incredibly time-consuming, particularly due to the intensive nature of the manual data checking process.

  • The Results

    This has made the School’s additive manufacturing facilities far more accessible than they were before, allowing a greater number of projects to be accommodated, with minimal chance of printing errors occurring.

    To achieve this, RP Platform has been set up on ACEO®’s website and fully integrated with their SAP enterprise resource platform. Customers start by creating their profile and then have two options to follow: either sending an informal request, describing their project in order to request design support, or alternatively, uploading their CAD files directly. The files are automatically repaired and converted into .STL format. The ACEO® team evaluates the file’s printability and the customer will then receive a quote, which he can accept with a single click. Orders can be tracked through an online dashboard, which RP Platform has set up to ACEO®’s specific requirements.

  • The Future

    RP Platform has immediately provided a smooth and effective journey for ACEO®’s customers, whether they are placing a one-off order or a routine, repeat one. Open and direct communication and complete transparency is provided by the dashboard, leading to optimised processes for both the customer and ACEO®.


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