Powder contamination: a hidden danger for metal prints

17 August 2017 16:09
Any quality 3D printed model -- whether it’s a prototype, a display model or an industrial part -- begins with a quality material. This is especially important for metal 3D printing, as parts intended for industries such as aerospace, defence and automotive must ...
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Applying vapor polishing to your next 3D printed model

16 August 2017 10:23
When it comes to finishing 3D printed parts, there are more options available than ever before. In today’s tutorial, we’ll be looking at a highly effective, hands-free method of achieving a smooth finish for your plastic parts: vapor polishing. What is vapor polishing?Vapor polishing ...
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Understanding the two fundamental types of SLS material

14 August 2017 17:08
Selective laser sintering (SLS) creates solid objects by fusing together fine powders via the use of a laser, in order to build up solid structures, layer by layer. For the vast majority of SLS printing, the powders used are based on a fine, ...
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Maintaining your 3D printer’s extruder

07 August 2017 16:29
For any filament-based 3D printing technique, proper maintenance of your machines’ extruders should be a regular part of your internal processes. This becomes even more essential if you are utilising different filaments with the same printer. If even small quantities of a different ...
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Stereolithography — the original 3D printing technology

04 August 2017 16:22
Invented and patented by Chuck Hull -- founder of 3D Systems -- in 1984, stereolithography (SLA) is the original technology that serves as the foundation of modern 3D printing. It was SLA that originally helped establish 3D printing as a viable tool for ...
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