4 Ways to Achieve a Perfect Finish for Your FDM Parts

24 April 2018 9:38
When producing your FDM part, often the finished look matters just as much as the functionality. FDM parts are ideal for functional prototypes, low-volume end use parts and concept models.However, when printing your FDM parts, it’s important to know not only how the ...
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The Top 5 STL File Errors You Should Know Before You Print

19 April 2018 16:17
Above: RP Platform's AM Automation Software provides powerful tools for file preparation and production management. Converting a CAD-designed model into a compatible file format for 3D printing is an unavoidable step in the 3D printing process. The file format most commonly used is STL, ...
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Why Topology Optimisation Matters for Additive Manufacturing

19 April 2018 13:48
Today, additive manufacturing is far more than a rapid prototyping tool, offering unprecedented possibilities for the design and production of functional components and parts. However, design for additive manufacturing requires software that is able to optimise the design of complex geometries that AM ...
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A Definitive Guide to Metal 3D Printing

12 April 2018 12:40
Image Credit: NASA/JPL-CaltechWith the latest Wohlers’ report indicating an explosive growth in metal 3D printing, it seems that the rise in metal 3D printing sees no sign of slowing down any time soon.  Increasingly, manufacturers are recognising the benefits of metal AM, which ...
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A Short Guide to Silicone 3D Printing

11 April 2018 13:47
Above: ACEO®'s 3D printing technology produces 100% silicone parts With its unique combination of material properties, the potential of silicone 3D printing opens up new possibilities of what is achievable with additive manufacturing. 3D printing with silicone enables the on-demand production of parts and prototypes ...
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