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Is the Construction Industry Ready for 3D Printing?

26 April 2018 10:48
Photo credit: Branch TechnologyHow ready is the construction industry for 3D printing? With the development of 3D printed buildings, bridges and other constructions, it seems that the construction industry is the latest to adopt 3D printing as a viable manufacturing technology. However, in ...
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How Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis Technology Is Changing the Game for 3D Printing

06 February 2018 14:28
Image: Carbon's M2 3D Printer [Source: Carbon]  [caption id="attachment_2516" align="alignright" width="300"] Paragon and Carbon announced their partnership last month[/caption]Paragon Rapid Technologies, 3D printing specialist and  a customer of RP Platform, has announced its partnership with 3D printing manufacturer Carbon, to bring the company’s proprietary ...
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7 3D Printing Trade Fairs & Conferences You Should Visit this Summer [Part 2]

30 January 2018 15:00
There are so many additive manufacturing events that we couldn't possibly fit them all in our first article on the top 8 trade shows to visit in 2018, covering January to April. So if you're an industry professional looking to learn more about ...
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MIT’s New Desktop FDM 3D Printer is 10x Faster than its Counterparts

30 November 2017 17:34
Commercial 3D printing has not quite taken off at the rate one would have expected a few years ago. One reason for this is speed, with the majority of desktop 3D printers requiring hours to print a part. However, the development of a ...
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Formnext 2017 Review: A Rip-Roaring Success for the World of 3D Printing

21 November 2017 17:31
Last week, formnext was back - and the Frankfurt-based trade fair was bigger and better than ever. Over the course of four days, we saw more than 20,000 visitors walk through the formnext doors to witness the latest developments and technologies from the world ...
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5 Technologies You Must See at formnext This Year

14 November 2017 16:14
Formnext has officially begun! Over the next few days, the biggest names in additive manufacturing will be showcasing their latest products and developments at Europe’s largest trade fair and conference - including the RP Platform team.As formnext gets underway, many leading 3D ...
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Meet the RP Platform team at formnext 2017!

10 November 2017 18:54
It's that time of the year again – in just a few days, some of the biggest names in additive manufacturing will be gathering in Frankfurt to showcase their latest technologies and intelligent manufacturing solutions at formnext, Europe's largest additive manufacturing trade fair ...
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Imperial College London unveil new metal printer technology

29 August 2017 12:42
Regular readers of this blog will remember that we recently interviewed Dr Billy Wu of Imperial College London, to talk about some of the cutting-edge 3D printing research taking place there. Particularly notable was the new breed of metal printer that Dr Wu ...
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A powder 3D printer delivers a working satellite in space

29 August 2017 8:53
In the latest development in 3D printing for space exploration, 3D Printing Industry recently reported on Russian astronauts’ successful deployment of a new satellite created entirely with a powder 3D printer. The Tomsk-TPU-120 features no engines, and will spend five months in orbit ...
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Delivering stunning fashion through rapid manufacturing

24 August 2017 13:05
We recently took a look at 3D printing’s applications in the world of sports, where the technology is being used to generate professional-quality equipment, shoes and clothing. However, that’s not the only sector in which a rapid manufacturing approach is being utilised to ...
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