• About Our Company

    At Autonomous Manufacturing Ltd., we believe that additive manufacturing processes should be efficient and fluid, not cumbersome. When we launched RP Platform in January 2013, we had one mission, which remains our focus to this day: to develop software to automate every stage of additive manufacturing workflows, providing a fully integrated solution for managing customer requests, production and delivery. Since then, RP Platform has continued to evolve, managed and developed by a growing team of software engineers and additive manufacturing specialists, working closely with our clients and industry experts around the world.

  • About Our Team

    Our team of specialists in software engineering and additive manufacturing is dedicated to delivering an outstanding customer experience and leading the way in industry best practice. Our Board Directors have a strong track record in manufacturing, software and finance and lead RP Platform from our head office in London. We combine our wide-ranging experience to continuously deliver innovative solutions that meet our clients’ evolving requirements and new developments in the world of manufacturing.

  • The Future

    We actively collaborate with and are supported by world leaders in IT, CAD and AM research, including IBM, SAP and the UK Centre for Additive Manufacturing Research. Today, RP Platform is used by global market leaders, with new features and updates rolled out every month.

Our team

Keyvan is the Founder & CEO of RP Platform, having originally launched the company in 2013. He brings with him a wealth of experience in IT, business development and project management, including spearheading a number of successful e-commerce projects. Keyvan now guides our teams around the world from our head office in London.

Keyvan Karimi, Founder and CEO of RP Platform
Keyvan Karimi
Founder & CEO

Peter is a semi-retired private equity professional with 30 years’ experience in investing in and raising money for unquoted companies (via own, managed or institutional funds), and helping grow both strategically or tactically such companies and then selling them at an appropriate time. Peter has bought and sold more than 50 businesses in his career, sitting on more than 25 boards and completing 3 MBOs himself.

Peter Brooks
Non-Exec. director

Adrian brings more than 30 years of experience in sales, marketing, business development and company leadership to RP Platform. He is especially interested in helping companies providing additive manufacturing and related services achieve their businesses’ full potential, and regularly offers support and guidance to executives and company leaders.

Adrian Williams
Non-Exec. director

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